Scared to Death…

I recently finished watching “Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows” and may I just say what a brilliant movie. I’m not going to reveal the movie to you, but towards the end there was one word that stuck out to me, Inevitable. For us nerds out there when we hear that word we think of the Matrix, Mr. Anderson.

Inevitable- incapable of being avoided. Death, human emotions, and change are some that come to mind. Most of us have experienced death in the past, some are grieving right now, and all of us will in the future. According to Rick Bobby, “98% of us will die at some point in our lives.” I’m glad I am part of that 2%. But really for most people that is their biggest fear, dying.

Why are we so afraid of dying? Are we scared of where we will go once we are dead? Is it because some of us are claustrophobic? Or like being cold rather than on fire?  The inevitable… death, there’s a millon way to die. Which one will make you cry to the point that you crack, and even make you quiver in your boots. Why are we truly afraid of the inevitable. Is it because we haven’t lived to the fullest or is it the people we leave behind?

I had a movie date with my mom not too long ago. we watched “A Thousand Words.” Eddie Murphy received a tree as a gift from the universe. This was no ordinary tree. It was a tree of life…or death. Every time he spoke or wrote a word a leaf would fall off. We all know that a tree that loses it’s leaves is going to die. Once he realized he was down to his few leaves he changed his life perspective.

My challenge to you is, live each day like it is your only day. Make the people you leave behind tell the story of you. Make them tell the story of how you affected their life.


Wedding Dress…

Every girl’s dream is to plan out their wedding from the smallest detail to the biggest. By the age of eight, most girls will have their wedding planned out — from the invitations guests will receive, to the color the sky will be the day she walks to the altar! Some even keep a scrapbook where they cut and paste magazine clippings of every little aspect of their wedding. The most important part, however, is the wedding dress she will wear on that very special day.

This past Sunday my mother, sister, and I went out for some quality family time. After eating breakfast, my mother drove us to Michaels Arts & Crafts Store. It was a typical Floridian summer day: sunny one minute and pouring the next. My mother and sister got off at the entrance and I parked the car. After several minutes of listening to the radio in the car, I became uneasy and walked into the store to look around. On my way into the store, I bumped into my sister and mother at the cash register. During the checkout, my sister was scanning over a Wedding magazine issue. Letting out a gasp she said, “Wow, look at this dress mom!” Then she turned to me and said, “Rafy, take a look at it too!”

It was then when I first witnessed one of the most dazzling wedding dresses I’d ever seen! Like some sort of spell, my mind was bewitched by the beauty of the model, but more specifically: the wedding dress.

Quick side story: I tried to memorize the designer’s name since I was not going to buy the magazine. However, in the car-ride back home, I forgot the designer’s name. I spent three days looking for it online, but I ended up going back to the store just so that I could make this post. Talk about an obsession!

I am no fashion guru, but beyond the simplicity of the wedding dress lies an absolutely intricate design. The neckline is intriguingly subtle, but plunges into a bold dive without revealing any of the bride’s “feminine charms.” Even though the dress is sleeveless, the straps prevent the bride’s shoulders and back from being completely exposed. Wrapped around the waist is an absolutely mind-boggling bridal sash: it’s the most intricate piece in the dress, but due to its delicate components, it creates a perfect balance between simplicity and complexity. The folds formed at the waistline by the belt are absolutely brilliant: the texture is simple and slick. Even though the dress screams out formality, the easygoing nature of the pockets create a harmonious balance between the two.

The photographer did a marvelous job captivating the beauty of the model while accentuating every feature of the wedding dress. I found the lights and background suitable for this shoot as well. The makeup artist and hair stylist did a wonderful job matching and emphasizing the minimal nature of the dress.

Simplicity is the equivalent of elegance. I am mesmerized by Jesus Peiro’s work. I’ve shown you one of the many wedding dresses designed by her. If you’d like to see more, here’s a link to her website.

Tell me, are you as mesmerized by this dress as I am? Do not be afraid to comment and share this post with your loved ones!

Diabetes or Dessert…

“The way to a mans heart is through his stomach”

Those are some true words to live by. Ladies take notes… I’m just joshin. This is a very easy and simple dessert recipe that just about everyone can do. I have always loved to cook. This may be a little off topic, but I am a momma’s boy. I’ve always been a little jealous of those people who have grandmas that make them cookies, cakes, and just had a grandma there in their life. If I could, I would want my grandma to be a combination of two people: Betty White and Paula Deen. Both of these amazing women are the epitome of a grandma. That being said, this is a recipe that I stumbled on while on tumblr and is one I could see a grandma making for her grandchildren.


  • Cookie Mix or Pre-Made Cookie Dough
  • Your favorite cookies (Oreos, Girl Scout, etc.)
  • Brownie Mix

“How is this heavenly dessert made,” you ask?

Simple baking instructions:

  • Place some wax paper in a baking dish.

  • If you have to, mix the cookie batter. Otherwise, spread the cookie dough evenly in the baking dish till the bottom of the wax paper is no longer visible.

  • Top the cookie dough with your selected choice of cookie. Make sure it’s spaced out evenly.

  • Mix the brownie mix and use it to cover the cookies. No cookie should be showing.

  • Bake it at 400 degrees F or 204 degrees C.
  • When I baked it, I did so, for as long as the brownie mix said to bake it.
  • Continually check it until it looks well-done.

Hope you enjoy!

Source: click here.

Dream House…

Recently, Mrcookie talked me into opening a Tumblr account. At first, I was very resistant, but after seeing some potential in having my own Tumblr account, I gave in. One night, while looking for pictures to reblog, I ran into some very interesting pictures of luxurious houses that completely adopted the minimalist style (Read about when I first learned of minimalist decor here).

Minimalist design is heavily influenced by traditional Japanese design and architecture. The purpose of this style is to reduce the subject to its necessary elements and get rid of the rest. However, it’s not limited to design and decor only: landscaping can also display minimalist features such as Zen gardens. If you’d like to learn more about minimalist design, click here.

I love minimalist house design. Even though I do not have it myself — mainly because I’m still in college and don’t own a home yet — , I’d love to implement this style in my future home: it looks slick, elegant, uncluttered, and it’s simple to maintain.

“Less is more.”

Top 10 Minimalist House Designs – Best of 2009

The Arts…

I am a big fan of the arts. There are many forms of art, but dance is one that combines them all together in a very simple yet elegant way. Dance is a simple form of expressing yourself.

I love break-dancing.   It’s truly an amazing form of dance.  It is totally different from all other types of dance.  Breaking originated through a very famous man, James “The King of Soul” Brown. When the king  got hyped up, he would get down on his good foot. Breaking was originally named “good foot” and was later changed to B-Boy. Back then it wasn’t all this flippady floppady, mumbo jumbo, acrobatic and head spinning action you see now as the old school good footers would say. Breaking back then consisted of clean footwork, top rock, and floor rock. One of the biggest competitions for breakers across the world is BC One held by Red Bull. BC One started in 2004 inviting breakers world wide to compete. In 2012, there will be around 60 Cyphers in 45 countries, leading to 6 Qualifiers culminating in this year’s finals in Rio de Janeiro in November. In the B-Boy world dance has evolved from a simple way of expressing yourself to what it is now known as a lifestyle.

For those of you who are smooth suave people tap is a remarkable form of dance. Tap is another very unique style that is as simple as tapping your feet, yet becomes the complex story that is told through your movement. Not only does it tell a story but it also portrays a complementary beat to go along with the music that you are dancing to. Tap dancing became known in the mid 1800’s. Irish step dancing, or tap, was later associated with the jazzy style of music. Many artists such as Sammy Davis Jr., Gregory Hines, The Clark Brothers, Bill Cosby, Shirley Temple and Dick Van Dyke incorporated that their tap with arts.
Note:[start at 2:35mins]

Dance is simply an amazing medium for art!

Little Wins…

After reading Introspections During Quiet Times’ All The Small Things, I realized the author’s “little wins” are nothing more than simple moments in life which he truly enjoys. Throughout the article, the author — Chris — lists various of these simple activities and situations. While reading his post, I could not keep from grinning and occasionally chuckling to myself: it was truly an entertaining read.

When I finished reading the post, I began to wonder if I had some of these “little wins” as well. Too many things came to mind at once, but only two stood out from the rest:

  • During my Sunday morning runs, I try to run through a specific road each time. The reason for this is simple: to hear the never-failing greeting of a peacock each time I run passed the tree branch he sits on. It never gets old! Also, the road offers a challenging uphill run which are quite rare in South Florida.
  • Most of the times I sit in the backseat of my mother’s car, I tend to close my eyes, relax, and fall asleep with the motion of the car. I suppose I can attribute this to the fact that she drives so smoothly. I believe the best way to describe it, is like a swaying motion. My mother always makes a fuss about my falling asleep each time, but I simply enjoy the sensation I get from it. It’s almost irresistible!

Now that I’ve shared two of my “little wins,” I’d like to read about yours. Go ahead and comment below!

Peacock’s greeting.