Manly enough…

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 As I sit at home, with nothing to do. I gracefully but still nonchalantly made my way to the couch I turn on my TV and to what my discover, Shark Week.  I was super compelled to do this post.  Not because someone forced, but simply because I am a MAN!  And I apoligize for being somewhat late on this post.   And well lets be honest guys, sharks are-for lesser words-badass-excuse my vocabulary-.  Simply put sharks and specifically Great Whites are the most feared animal known to man.  What fascinates me about so much about this week is that you just seem to get a boost of testosterone.  You just seem to get manlier.  I don’t think there is a scientific reason on why this anomaly occurs but it does.  Something so simple and so primeval makes us seem more like men, gives us hair on our chest.  So congrats to Discovery for makes us feel more like men for 25 years.




This past Saturday my mother, sister, and I had dinner with a very nice couple from our church at P. F. Chang’s China Bistro . During the course of our meal we somehow ended up talking about the import role women’s hair play in their appeal–at least to us. Irving and I–the only guys in the table–were especially passionate about this topic. When I mentioned to him that buns were one of my favorite hairstyles, everything suddenly changed: I LOVE buns, but he PASSIONATELY dislikes them. Sure, there are some type of buns that are actually very unappealing, but that depends on how they are made. After a long and heated–yet friendly and hilarious–argument, Irving suggested that I make a poll in “my” blog to see how many people consider buns to be appealing and/or attractive.

As some of you may already know, I’m obsessed with elegant and rather simple things. Buns bring together the best of both worlds. GOSH! Even Audrey Hepburn–the dictionary definition of beauty and elegance–rocked a bun!

After Irving and Laura read this, they brought up a good point: these are all salon-type buns that not every girl can afford to use every day. So, here are some simpler buns that still remain simple and elegant. I’ve also included pictures of TERRIBLE buns which is why I’d imagine why my friend could possibly believe buns are not attractive.
Note: It doesn’t matter if one’s hair is loose, straight, long, short, curly, or whatever. As long it’s well taken care of and groomed properly, any style will look beautiful. It’s that simple.

Average/typical buns:

Failed buns:

Bartender Irony…


The irony that’s at the bar. Bartenders give you advice, but at the same time give you alcohol.They try to help you by giving you advice and yet they serve you alcohol to help you forget. Don’t get me wrong, that is their job and I do drink.; not heavy, but I’ll enjoy a drink every once in a while. From personal experience, bar-tending is very similar to a barber. Its not just about serving alcohol or cutting hair. They are mentors, confidants, friends, just great people with a bunch of wisdom.

“The method for enjoying spirits is different for each person. Talking with friends… Whispering with a lover… and tipping ones glass alone while in deep thought. Such a place where are people are gathered a bar. Spirits give birth to a story… and the story creates your drink.” –Bartender (anime)

And lets all be honest here…
For those who have seen the Dos Equis commercials, who wouldn’t want to walk in to a bar and see Jonathan Goldsmith? The most interesting man in the world. You can check that off your bucket list.

 Little side note: I want to say a big thank you to Sunshine for giving me the idea to write this post. So Thank you Sunshine!