Say I do…

I stumbled upon this amazing video that somewhat got me choked up. Although it is easy to get me choked up. I got choked up from watching Beauty and the Beast. This video got me thinking about marriage. Many of my friends are getting married and trying to start a family so I began thinking of how I would propose if I had a wife.

The video proposal starts approximately at 1:26.

Many guys and girls have done some daring and amazing proposal. After watching a few more videos, I was rather paralyzed or un-gifted to come up with a proposal that can top that. Then I came to the realization that its not about how extravagant you propose but rather how genuine your proposal is. I feel that it must describe your personality as well as your partners’. Similar to your vows if you choose to personally write them.

Sometimes its not about the most elaborate or most extravagant proposal. Sometimes its about the simplest things. Let me me paint you a little picture.

Sunday morning, rain is falling. Just a nice sun shower. The sun is barely seeping through the cracks of the window blinds. The sun shine gracefully glides on to your face waking you up, but your not alone. You wake up next to your partner. They’re staring deeply into your eyes. They aren’t just looking at you. They’re looking at the past, present and future of the relationship you share together. All the good and bad memories flow through the passion in your eyes. They are staring into your soul. They smile and kiss you good morning. They’re nervous ,but calm; because they know they’re going to spend the rest of their life with you. Their mouth opens and the prefect proposal graces your heart like a beautiful symphony.

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