Football Season is here!

For those Americans that enjoy the past time of football, Sept is a crucial time. Turning on the 60inch high def surround sound streaming live testosterone, passion, down right aggressiveness, and drop dead gorgeous women cheering them on gets the blood flowing. Hearing the NFL anthem fill the room is an honor and a privilege. The aroma of fat and collateral consumes the the oxygen in the room. The Combination of chicken wings, 7 layer dip. hot dogs, burgers and steak on the grill, corn on the cob drenched in butter and salt, mac and cheese with tiny bits of bacon make you salivate at the sight. Your lips cant wait to be touched by ice cold beer chillin in the tap.

And of course football isn’t the same unless your in a league. Fantasy football makes football that more interesting.
i previously wrote a post on proposals and weddings. Many women at a young age have their weddings all planned out. From the flowers to the dress. well i don’t know about all guys but for the me I’ve planned out my man cave from what beer I will have on tap all the way to the layout of the room.

They do have a show on DIY Network that I find very cool. Check it out DIY. If you do have a man cave or want one I’d love to hear about.

If you do see this post_________. That last picture is for you. Except it should say “Always root against Miami”