The One…

Love fight for it!

Everyone and their mother gives you the same advice. “If you love (Her Him) fight for them.” Recently I was talking to a coworker; just small talk getting to know him. We came about the topic of girls. We both work in a gym full of men; however, its not a normal raging, testosterone-filled gym. Our gym is more for beginners. Never the less, it’s a rare sight to actually see an attractive girl in our gym. There are those select few, but not what society would portray a gym to look like. So we got to talking about ex’s and why they are our ex’s. He told his story and I told mine.

Without going into to much detail… I started dating this chick right after she broke up with her boyfriend. It was amazing. I fell hard for her. It was very easy to fall for her. She was absolutely stunning. She had a very genuine smile that would captivate you and eyes that pierced straight through any facade or wall that you might have had. If you thought that Oprah had a huge heart guess again. You never met my ex. Macklemore was wrong with this girl. The devil didn’t trick this one… she wore little make-up. She didn’t need to make herself look desirable.  The way her hand fit perfectly grasped inside yours was like her hand was made just so that it could be held by yours. Unfortunately this story doesn’t have a happy-ending.

After hearing my story he gave me simple advice, yet hard to actually accomplish. If you love her fight for her. A lot easier said then done. In my last post I said “Don’t let everyday be the same as the last. Use that day to have an adventure, tell that person your care about how you truly feel about them, start towards a goal, say what’s been on your mind, walk up to that person you’ve wanted to talk to but were afraid, or forgive the one that hurt you. Whatever it may be don’t wait till tomorrow to do it. There might not be a tomorrow and remember don’t take things for granted.”


4 thoughts on “The One…

    • More or less lol. It took a lot of courage, but I have no way of reaching her. This is one of the few ways I can possible reach her and I’m not entirely sure if she even sees any of my post. I don’t know if this post is meant more for me or more for the people that read it. But whoever it is for I hope it helps you.

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