I’ve been anxiously waiting to make this post ever since Simplicity∞Beyond first launched! I’ve now gotten the chance to do so. Let’s begin our journey together!

Journey is something between a game and a life-changing experience. You wake up as a desert dweller and right away your focus is made clear: reach the star at the peak of a faraway mountain. Along the way you will walk, glide, and fly through breathtakingly beautiful landscapes while unraveling the history of an ancient race. From sand dunes to ancient city ruins to blizzard-torn mountains; you will be faced with countless calamities on your journey to reach the bright star.

I don’t mean this to be another review, but Thatgamecompany did an outstanding job creating this game! The game controls were exceptionally easy to pick up and  simple to use. Even though the game’s features were simple, the aesthetically pleasing effects produced by them were more than enough to keep my mind from getting  back in touch with reality. The music score was so brilliantly composed that, at moments, I found myself trying to hold back tears. The art style and graphics of Journey were purely eye-candy! Absolutely no graphical flaws whatsoever! Even though the game took me two hours to complete, I found it to be precise: not too short, but not too long either.

Journey gave gaming a completely new definition: an experience! It wasn’t just a game: it was an emotionally powerful event.

Journey  is a PlayStation 3 exclusive. If you own a PS3, I highly recommend you buy this game from the PlayStation Network Store. If you do not own a PS3, I suggest you find a friend that does,  go over to his or her place, and play it together. If you cannot do that, there are always video walkthroughs that you can watch on YouTube. Do not miss out on this experience!

“We walk until this path is done, in wind and sand and setting sun.”

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Naughty Dog…

For those of you who have never heard of Naughty Dog: they are the creators of several renowned series of games for the PlayStation. Naughty Dog was responsible for the development of the Uncharted and Jak and Daxter. They are now coming out with a new game: The Last of Us.

The Last of Us is set in a post-apocalyptic Boston quarantine zone twenty years after a fungal plague destroyed modern civilization. Joel, a black market dealer, made a promise to his dying friend to protect and help a 14-year-old orphan — Ellie — escape. After breaking out from the quarantine zone, they must make their way throughout nature-reclaimed areas across the United States. Soon enough, things go wrong when the military discovers Joel and Ellie’s escape plan and begin pursuing them. Joel and Ellie must now overcome countless hostiles, ranging from infected enemies to hunters and enemy survivors. Life is now about simply surviving; unlike how many of us complicate our lives with unessential things. Unlike many of our routinely lives, for Joel and Ellie, life is about simply surviving.

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I’m certain that if you’re an active gamer you’ve at least heard of the game Limboa puzzle-platform game. The game’s about a boy who awakens in a forest within Limbo (the edge of Hell) and sets off on a journey to find his lost sister. Throughout the game, you’re pitted against other kids, traps, and horrific creatures.

What really captured my attention is how brilliantly this game was designed. With just shades of black and white, a minimalist music score, and cleverly designed puzzles, the developers were able to create an “eerily beautiful” game by exploiting every aspect of simplicity. Even the menu interface and game controls are simple to use! When I find some more free time, I’m totally going to play Limbo again. I’m not trying to write a review for this game, but I strongly recommend it to anyone who’s willing to be transported to an awkwardly entertaining universe. If you’ve played the game, please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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