Coffee for the Soul.

I recently partnered up with some friends to start up a family friendly coffee shop.  It was quite a  leap of faith.  One of the partners told me to read this book A Lion in a Pit On a Snowy Day by Mark Batterson  Now, I’m not a very big reader, but someone once told me if you want to find out if a book is interesting,  read the first five pages.   I did and I am hooked on it and it is inspiring me to go after my dreams.  Eden’s Coffee House is a big part of my dreams.

Eden’s Coffee House is not just a coffee house full of amazing exotic aromas and mellow music; it’s also  house filled with magic.  Just joshin. It’s filled with LOVE.  Even if you’re just passing by, you still get that feeling of being accepted, feeling at home,  and feeling downright comfortable.  So far, we have an open mic event once a month.  At our last event, various artists performed.  Patrons were entertained by poetry and  music as they sipped on delicious coffee, ate  dessert, and mingled.

Facebook page: Eden’s Coffee House

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Small Living…


“Step 1. Buy land up north.
Step 2. Buy a yurt.
Step 3. Surround it by alpacas or goats… I am thinking goats.”

I’ve heard of yurts before, but I’ve never been too interested in them. That is, until I read my friend’s–Elizabeth–Facebook status update. In one of the comments that followed, Liz confessed that, “having a life that is simple would be peaceful. Unplugged and uncomplicated.” What truly astonished me was her next sentence: “It kind of makes me doubtful of what I want.”

As a child, I used to make huge mansions and grandiose cities from Legos. However, what I enjoyed playing with the most were the small and simple houses where a tiny Lego man would live all by himself with only the essentials. Now, as a young man, I aspire having a high-paying job that could sustain a luxurious condo equipped with state of the art computers, home entertainment systems, appliances, and so on. However, what I enjoy dreaming of the most is living (along with a dog) in a small hut in some faraway mountain with a stupendous scenery.

As I browsed the web for pictures of yurts, I ran into Designboom’s Tiny Houses. It listed various types of, well, tiny houses! My favorite house from the list is probably the Micro Compact Home (M-CH). I can easily picture this house right in the middle of some vast and beautiful land. The best part is that it’s roughly $46,000 USD. This leaves one with enough money to invest into purchasing a nice piece of land with a killer view. I’ve never wanted to admit this to myself, but “it kind of makes me doubtful of what I [really] want.” Maybe that deep innate desire to live as simple as possible is not too far-fetched.

Some more insane tiny houses:

Log House

Garbage Truck House

Dream House…

Recently, Mrcookie talked me into opening a Tumblr account. At first, I was very resistant, but after seeing some potential in having my own Tumblr account, I gave in. One night, while looking for pictures to reblog, I ran into some very interesting pictures of luxurious houses that completely adopted the minimalist style (Read about when I first learned of minimalist decor here).

Minimalist design is heavily influenced by traditional Japanese design and architecture. The purpose of this style is to reduce the subject to its necessary elements and get rid of the rest. However, it’s not limited to design and decor only: landscaping can also display minimalist features such as Zen gardens. If you’d like to learn more about minimalist design, click here.

I love minimalist house design. Even though I do not have it myself — mainly because I’m still in college and don’t own a home yet — , I’d love to implement this style in my future home: it looks slick, elegant, uncluttered, and it’s simple to maintain.

“Less is more.”

Top 10 Minimalist House Designs – Best of 2009

Air Plants…

While browsing for blogs to read during a sleepless night, I stumbled upon a uniquely titled post: Plant FREAK! The author, Stacy, was freely expressing her “fetish” for plants. As my eyes quickly scanned the contents of the post, my mind became engulfed by an increasing interest to know what these “air plants” were all about. To my surprise, these plants are very simple to maintain and serve as rather sophisticated method of decoration!

When I showed the post to my mother, she told me we used to have these sort of plants when we lived in Puerto Rico. Thinking back, I remember knocking down several of these plants while playing baseball with my friends!

Thank you Stacy for bringing back these great memories. You have a truly beautiful home and blog. Keep up the marvelous work!


My aunt visited from Puerto Rico some time ago. Naturally, my mother and aunt began to talk about home decor like they normally do when they meet. Apparently, what’s “in” these days is minimalist home decor. They began to make changes around the house and eventually I saw the results: I was totally satisfied with them. Another example of how simplicity can be elegant as well as utile.


Image source: click here.