The One…

Love fight for it!

Everyone and their mother gives you the same advice. “If you love (Her Him) fight for them.” Recently I was talking to a coworker; just small talk getting to know him. We came about the topic of girls. We both work in a gym full of men; however, its not a normal raging, testosterone-filled gym. Our gym is more for beginners. Never the less, it’s a rare sight to actually see an attractive girl in our gym. There are those select few, but not what society would portray a gym to look like. So we got to talking about ex’s and why they are our ex’s. He told his story and I told mine.

Without going into to much detail… I started dating this chick right after she broke up with her boyfriend. It was amazing. I fell hard for her. It was very easy to fall for her. She was absolutely stunning. She had a very genuine smile that would captivate you and eyes that pierced straight through any facade or wall that you might have had. If you thought that Oprah had a huge heart guess again. You never met my ex. Macklemore was wrong with this girl. The devil didn’t trick this one… she wore little make-up. She didn’t need to make herself look desirable.  The way her hand fit perfectly grasped inside yours was like her hand was made just so that it could be held by yours. Unfortunately this story doesn’t have a happy-ending.

After hearing my story he gave me simple advice, yet hard to actually accomplish. If you love her fight for her. A lot easier said then done. In my last post I said “Don’t let everyday be the same as the last. Use that day to have an adventure, tell that person your care about how you truly feel about them, start towards a goal, say what’s been on your mind, walk up to that person you’ve wanted to talk to but were afraid, or forgive the one that hurt you. Whatever it may be don’t wait till tomorrow to do it. There might not be a tomorrow and remember don’t take things for granted.”


The Perfect You…

Recently a few friends of mine have been giving me suggestion on what topics to write about. The latest is “write about the qualities you wish you had or who you could be more like if you could.” After pondering for a few ideas I came up with one that stands out.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

For those of you who are living under a rock… no pun intended; let me give you some background on who this man is.
His wrestling blood traces back to his grandfather,  but spreads long and wide from uncles to cousins. Dwayne started football at a young age and then wrestling training in 1995. But The Rocks career doesn’t end there his ventured in multiple movies, his most famous “Fast and Furious” series/franchise. Not only has he done movies but he has also done TV shows like “The Hero”

So why Johnson?
Dwayne has this drive about him that puts him in a mind set of anything is possible and not to be discourage because failing or not succeeding the first time you attempt something. Coming from a fans’ stand point and looking into his star struck life he is very humble and even having a action based background it seems like he is a 6ft 5in 250+lbs teddy bear. The intensity under his lift eyebrow screams FOCUS.  His determination to best the best at whatever his doing shines through. Dedication drives him to succeed and becoming the person he is today. “Success isn’t always about ‘greatness’. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work gains success. Greatness will come.” – Dwyane Johnson.

The originally  question “write about the qualities you wish you had or who you could be more like if you could.” ; those qualities are some I wish I had however being who I am and the qualities I posses may not be perfect or the best yet they’re mine and they make me, me. Don’t lose sight of who you are or what makes you, you. Your love ones see for who you are and they like you for it. There are going to be those who don’t like you,, but don’t try to please them. Be you in-spite of them. You are important and special and keep being you. Even when the road gets hard and you feel like quiting…
“Only when a hero is at his lowest can he become the greatest. That to me is the greatest super hero story of all time.” –

Thanks Amanda, good luck on your journey. Cheers



Chivalry …

Call me old fashion but I was raised to be a gentleman and respect ladies. And if your on a date make them feel like you two are the only people on the planet. Make her feel like a queen.

I’m what you call a nice guy, and yes sometimes I do feel like I finish last and other times I feel like I’m a boss. For those that read this blog site know I was in a relationship where I had my heart broken. I haven’t dated in a while(more like a year), but… Aya haha there’s a but. I recently met a very attractive girl and she ended up asking me to the movies. I was very impressed and it took the pressure off of me. We met up before the movie to have coffee . I heard mom saying “complement her on how she looks”. She was very flattered by it. Me being the gentleman I was compelled to pay. Florida weather is very bi-polar and unpredictable. So of course it was pouring rain.  So to keep her hair from frizzing and curling I tried to MacGyver some form of protection. It was very romantic but epic fail. Lucky enough I have very keen eyes and saw a stack of newspapers at the entrance. We quickly mad our way to the upstairs balcony. We sat and talked for what seemed for sometime. We were engulfed in each other background,  life story, and just each other’s personality. It was very interesting.
Soon enough the clock tower struck and the movie started on the hour. I go to pay for her ticket though she insist on paying for herself. So I gave in to her beautiful smile. During the movie you could feel the attraction between us. There were brief moments of skin contact that would be a constant reminder “hey dude she’s attracted to you”. We laughed so much. As the movie ended and we made our way to the exit natural instinct kicked in. Mom was in the back of my head saying ‘hold the door for her”.

I’m not gonna bore you with all the details of the date but throughout the date chivalry and make this girl laugh were my two focus points. Looking back I ask myself how chivalry could just up and leave without saying bye. “Its the simple things gestures that mean the most”-


Thought of life….

I had just this picture saved as a draft. It was a very curious picture that brought me a numerous amount of thoughts. As I was in my Earth Science class we reached the chapter on  Astronomy.  My professor told us something very humbling fact that hit home. The universe is so vast. We really cant phatom how vast it truley is. The nearest star system to our planet in the Milky Way is  4.234 light years way. Meaning that It would take light 4.234 years to travel from Earth to Proxima Centauri(Star System). If we were to travel 37,000 miles per hr it would take 80,000 years to reach.

He later on went on to describe A galaxy and what is made up of.


1: Super massive Black hole
2:100’s of 1000’s of billions of star systems
3:1000’s of billions ^10power of stars
4: to each star there’s a hand full or so of planets

Let me give you a compares as to the gravity of how many star systems there are in one galaxy…
One star system in a galaxy
is to
One grain of sand on a beach.
Mind blowing… but it gets even better…










Special Thanks to Drew for getting me back on wordpress.

Football Season is here!

For those Americans that enjoy the past time of football, Sept is a crucial time. Turning on the 60inch high def surround sound streaming live testosterone, passion, down right aggressiveness, and drop dead gorgeous women cheering them on gets the blood flowing. Hearing the NFL anthem fill the room is an honor and a privilege. The aroma of fat and collateral consumes the the oxygen in the room. The Combination of chicken wings, 7 layer dip. hot dogs, burgers and steak on the grill, corn on the cob drenched in butter and salt, mac and cheese with tiny bits of bacon make you salivate at the sight. Your lips cant wait to be touched by ice cold beer chillin in the tap.

And of course football isn’t the same unless your in a league. Fantasy football makes football that more interesting.
i previously wrote a post on proposals and weddings. Many women at a young age have their weddings all planned out. From the flowers to the dress. well i don’t know about all guys but for the me I’ve planned out my man cave from what beer I will have on tap all the way to the layout of the room.

They do have a show on DIY Network that I find very cool. Check it out DIY. If you do have a man cave or want one I’d love to hear about.

If you do see this post_________. That last picture is for you. Except it should say “Always root against Miami”

Coffee for the Soul.

I recently partnered up with some friends to start up a family friendly coffee shop.  It was quite a  leap of faith.  One of the partners told me to read this book A Lion in a Pit On a Snowy Day by Mark Batterson  Now, I’m not a very big reader, but someone once told me if you want to find out if a book is interesting,  read the first five pages.   I did and I am hooked on it and it is inspiring me to go after my dreams.  Eden’s Coffee House is a big part of my dreams.

Eden’s Coffee House is not just a coffee house full of amazing exotic aromas and mellow music; it’s also  house filled with magic.  Just joshin. It’s filled with LOVE.  Even if you’re just passing by, you still get that feeling of being accepted, feeling at home,  and feeling downright comfortable.  So far, we have an open mic event once a month.  At our last event, various artists performed.  Patrons were entertained by poetry and  music as they sipped on delicious coffee, ate  dessert, and mingled.

Facebook page: Eden’s Coffee House

Website Coming Soon!