For granted…

I recently started watching “Red Band Society”; don’t worry no spoilers in this post.(maybe a little) The drama series is about a bunch of kids with different aliments living together in a hospital under the pediatric wing. The interaction between these kids and how their lives have become so much more than just what they originally thought their lives would become. Each patience has a different story to tell through each step of their daily lives. Each of these patients gets treated, however; the nurses and the doctors that treat them also get treated by them. They teach them different life lessons. Each episode has a very strong heart felt meaning behind it.


On one of the episodes a character by the name of Leo Roth said something that resonated with me. “Every morning, you get out of bed, put two feet on the ground, and stand up Like it’s easy, like it’s nothing.
You put your pants on one leg at a time.
I mean, it’s such a basic concept it’s literally an expression.”



We don’t realize the simple things in life can effect us and change how we live. Don’t let everyday be the same as the last. Use that day to have an adventure, tell that person your care about how you truly feel about them, start goal, say whats been on your mind, walk up to that person you’ve want to talk to but were afraid, or forgive the one that hurt you. Whatever it may be don’t wait till tomorrow to do it. There might not be a tomorrow and remember don’t take things for granted.