The One…

Love fight for it!

Everyone and their mother gives you the same advice. “If you love (Her Him) fight for them.” Recently I was talking to a coworker; just small talk getting to know him. We came about the topic of girls. We both work in a gym full of men; however, its not a normal raging, testosterone-filled gym. Our gym is more for beginners. Never the less, it’s a rare sight to actually see an attractive girl in our gym. There are those select few, but not what society would portray a gym to look like. So we got to talking about ex’s and why they are our ex’s. He told his story and I told mine.

Without going into to much detail… I started dating this chick right after she broke up with her boyfriend. It was amazing. I fell hard for her. It was very easy to fall for her. She was absolutely stunning. She had a very genuine smile that would captivate you and eyes that pierced straight through any facade or wall that you might have had. If you thought that Oprah had a huge heart guess again. You never met my ex. Macklemore was wrong with this girl. The devil didn’t trick this one… she wore little make-up. She didn’t need to make herself look desirable.  The way her hand fit perfectly grasped inside yours was like her hand was made just so that it could be held by yours. Unfortunately this story doesn’t have a happy-ending.

After hearing my story he gave me simple advice, yet hard to actually accomplish. If you love her fight for her. A lot easier said then done. In my last post I said “Don’t let everyday be the same as the last. Use that day to have an adventure, tell that person your care about how you truly feel about them, start towards a goal, say what’s been on your mind, walk up to that person you’ve wanted to talk to but were afraid, or forgive the one that hurt you. Whatever it may be don’t wait till tomorrow to do it. There might not be a tomorrow and remember don’t take things for granted.”


For granted…

I recently started watching “Red Band Society”; don’t worry no spoilers in this post.(maybe a little) The drama series is about a bunch of kids with different aliments living together in a hospital under the pediatric wing. The interaction between these kids and how their lives have become so much more than just what they originally thought their lives would become. Each patience has a different story to tell through each step of their daily lives. Each of these patients gets treated, however; the nurses and the doctors that treat them also get treated by them. They teach them different life lessons. Each episode has a very strong heart felt meaning behind it.


On one of the episodes a character by the name of Leo Roth said something that resonated with me. “Every morning, you get out of bed, put two feet on the ground, and stand up Like it’s easy, like it’s nothing.
You put your pants on one leg at a time.
I mean, it’s such a basic concept it’s literally an expression.”



We don’t realize the simple things in life can effect us and change how we live. Don’t let everyday be the same as the last. Use that day to have an adventure, tell that person your care about how you truly feel about them, start goal, say whats been on your mind, walk up to that person you’ve want to talk to but were afraid, or forgive the one that hurt you. Whatever it may be don’t wait till tomorrow to do it. There might not be a tomorrow and remember don’t take things for granted.



The Great Indoors…


Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited; imagination encircles the world.
John Mayer’s song “The Great Indoors” is a very complex song with multiple stories/meanings behind it.

For most people the thought or idea about living life to the fullest naturally comes first. Some however  become scared of getting hurt or the shreek  at the thought of doing things they normally wouldn’t do. They get agoraphobia(panic disorder or anxiety) at the sheer thought.

I miss the days of having an adventure indoors. As a child you would build a fort in the living room out pillows,cushions and blankets. The good ol’ days. As an adult indoors don’t have the same impact on us as they us to. Our imagination isn’t the same. You sit on the couch alone watching tv when its raining. So whats missing from making the indoors the “great indoors”?

You might say a childhood mentality. John might say someone special to share the indoors with. The great indoors becomes great when you have someone to share it with. That person that changes your outlook on things that makes the indoors become a whole new world.

Don’t be afraid of having an adventure or venturing to the unknown. Life is full of wonderful people and wonderful memories waiting to share for you.

Congrats to my amazing friend and her fiance. I wish you both the best in the future you share together.

Grace and Nolan Cheers



Chivalry …

Call me old fashion but I was raised to be a gentleman and respect ladies. And if your on a date make them feel like you two are the only people on the planet. Make her feel like a queen.

I’m what you call a nice guy, and yes sometimes I do feel like I finish last and other times I feel like I’m a boss. For those that read this blog site know I was in a relationship where I had my heart broken. I haven’t dated in a while(more like a year), but… Aya haha there’s a but. I recently met a very attractive girl and she ended up asking me to the movies. I was very impressed and it took the pressure off of me. We met up before the movie to have coffee . I heard mom saying “complement her on how she looks”. She was very flattered by it. Me being the gentleman I was compelled to pay. Florida weather is very bi-polar and unpredictable. So of course it was pouring rain.  So to keep her hair from frizzing and curling I tried to MacGyver some form of protection. It was very romantic but epic fail. Lucky enough I have very keen eyes and saw a stack of newspapers at the entrance. We quickly mad our way to the upstairs balcony. We sat and talked for what seemed for sometime. We were engulfed in each other background,  life story, and just each other’s personality. It was very interesting.
Soon enough the clock tower struck and the movie started on the hour. I go to pay for her ticket though she insist on paying for herself. So I gave in to her beautiful smile. During the movie you could feel the attraction between us. There were brief moments of skin contact that would be a constant reminder “hey dude she’s attracted to you”. We laughed so much. As the movie ended and we made our way to the exit natural instinct kicked in. Mom was in the back of my head saying ‘hold the door for her”.

I’m not gonna bore you with all the details of the date but throughout the date chivalry and make this girl laugh were my two focus points. Looking back I ask myself how chivalry could just up and leave without saying bye. “Its the simple things gestures that mean the most”-


Our Spaceship

This little bit of random information got me think about how small we as people are and yet we hold so much power. These facts kinda shed some light on me.  Simply put, there are so many possibilities to life. “Don’t let fear dictate your life. What happens when you don’t? Life becomes simple”

Start think about the impossible and make it possible.

Small Living…


“Step 1. Buy land up north.
Step 2. Buy a yurt.
Step 3. Surround it by alpacas or goats… I am thinking goats.”

I’ve heard of yurts before, but I’ve never been too interested in them. That is, until I read my friend’s–Elizabeth–Facebook status update. In one of the comments that followed, Liz confessed that, “having a life that is simple would be peaceful. Unplugged and uncomplicated.” What truly astonished me was her next sentence: “It kind of makes me doubtful of what I want.”

As a child, I used to make huge mansions and grandiose cities from Legos. However, what I enjoyed playing with the most were the small and simple houses where a tiny Lego man would live all by himself with only the essentials. Now, as a young man, I aspire having a high-paying job that could sustain a luxurious condo equipped with state of the art computers, home entertainment systems, appliances, and so on. However, what I enjoy dreaming of the most is living (along with a dog) in a small hut in some faraway mountain with a stupendous scenery.

As I browsed the web for pictures of yurts, I ran into Designboom’s Tiny Houses. It listed various types of, well, tiny houses! My favorite house from the list is probably the Micro Compact Home (M-CH). I can easily picture this house right in the middle of some vast and beautiful land. The best part is that it’s roughly $46,000 USD. This leaves one with enough money to invest into purchasing a nice piece of land with a killer view. I’ve never wanted to admit this to myself, but “it kind of makes me doubtful of what I [really] want.” Maybe that deep innate desire to live as simple as possible is not too far-fetched.

Some more insane tiny houses:

Log House

Garbage Truck House