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I had just this picture saved as a draft. It was a very curious picture that brought me a numerous amount of thoughts. As I was in my Earth Science class we reached the chapter on  Astronomy.  My professor told us something very humbling fact that hit home. The universe is so vast. We really cant phatom how vast it truley is. The nearest star system to our planet in the Milky Way is  4.234 light years way. Meaning that It would take light 4.234 years to travel from Earth to Proxima Centauri(Star System). If we were to travel 37,000 miles per hr it would take 80,000 years to reach.

He later on went on to describe A galaxy and what is made up of.


1: Super massive Black hole
2:100’s of 1000’s of billions of star systems
3:1000’s of billions ^10power of stars
4: to each star there’s a hand full or so of planets

Let me give you a compares as to the gravity of how many star systems there are in one galaxy…
One star system in a galaxy
is to
One grain of sand on a beach.
Mind blowing… but it gets even better…










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Simply Frugal…

“Photography is an expensive hobby!” Those were the words of almost everyone I told, about my desire to become an amateur photographer. In a sense, they were right: buying a descent camera and a pair of lenses was not cheap. I’ve experienced first-hand how money-consuming photography can be, but I’ve also experienced how amazing photography can be. After some small shoots here-and-there, I decided to put down my camera and focus on other priorities. However, my mother picked up “the kit” (as I like to call it) and made it her own. Ever since then, I’ve helped her out with her shoots, location scouting, and so on.

Recently, my mother’s been getting an interest in portrait photography. She began to look into light kits, but they were quite expensive: the most basic light kits can go for approximately $60 or more. Somehow, she ran into The Frugal Filmmaker‘s YouTube channel and the problem was suddenly fixed: Make a PVC Light Stand for Under $5 and Clamp Lighting. Sure, it’s not your typical fancy lighting system, but with some creativity and the will to make things work, it’s the perfect solution! With some simple PVC and clamp lights, you can have a nice little studio setup. Meanwhile, you can save up for a professional kit and probably buy yourself a couple cheeseburgers along the way.

If you’re into cinematography, have very little money for equipment, and don’t mind getting your hands a bit dirty,  The Frugal Filmmaker’s channel and blog  is definitely something you should look into.

P.S. We used four of these light stands and clamp lights for a program in church and they worked flawlessly!

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